Is this the most versatile brow pencil ever?

Is this the most versatile brow pencil ever?

Are you still on the hunt for that trusty eyebrow product that you can always rely on? Whether you need to do your make up in a hurry or need to be sure that your brows are going to look perfect for a big event, it’s nice to know you have a product that you always reach for. The hunt is over, thanks to our Brow Define pencil. Here’s why.


As much as we love new, innovative brow products, there’s nothing quite like a classic pencil. Even if you’ve never tried using a brow product before, it’s incredibly easy to master. If you’re a bit of an eyebrow expert, it’s great for creating different brow styles. “The Brow Define is actually my favourite brow product,” reveals our Lead Brow Stylist, Jamie Long.



The Brow Define is almost a 2-in-1 product. “The Brow Define formula has the soft finish of a powder with the convenient, easy and precise use of a pencil,” explains Jamie. This makes it really easy to fill in smaller sparse areas or create a natural, hair stroke finish.



The Brow Define is foolproof, so it’s pretty hard to go wrong. However, if you do, this pencil makes it quick and easy to correct any mistakes. “The formula is really soft and blendable, which means you can simply blend away mistakes with a spoolie brush and start again,” shares Jamie.



If your goal is to create fuller looking brows without going too dark or heavy, Jamie has a top Brow Define tip. “Choose a shade a little lighter than your brow hairs. This helps to create a soft, natural looking shadow behind the hairs that makes your brows appear instantly thicker and fuller.”



The Brow Define has a built-in sharpener in the pencil lid, making it really easy to sharpen it wherever you are. “I like to sharpen the pencil before every use,” says Jamie. “That way, you always have a sharp tip that allows you to create instant definition to the brows.”


There you have it – five reasons why we just can’t get enough of the Brow Define pencil.

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